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Skindom Cabinet

Refer to the description for what’s included (not the image).

Includes one of each product and guidelines on how and when to use. Email with additional questions specific to your skin concern or questions about products and the best way to use them. Click here for a brief description of products and what they do (pages 4-11) 

Included: Aloe Water, Anoint, Awake n’ Bake, Baby Cheeks, Dusk, Eye Cloud (16 ct.), Lip Service, Palm’s Angel, Piña Colada, Roma, Skin and Tonic (1oz), Skin Candy (16 ct.), Salvatore, Sky Cream, Still Water (1oz). 

Not included: Good Beard, Facetuner Face Sculptor, Mimosa, Skin and Tonic (8oz), Still Water (2oz).