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About extended.

Skindom is a black woman owned brand, created by an esthetician currently continuing education in chemical formulation and cosmetic nursing. The brand focuses on increasing the overall quality of life through various acts of self care. Our two main channels are the quality skincare products and innovative beauty treatments offered. This then creates the opportunity to educate our audience on best practices for not only beauty, but also insight on healthy habits and ideas that bring us closer to the goals we set for ourselves. Some common examples are increasing awareness of which skincare ingredients are good for what skin concerns, types of foods that best benefit skin health and boosts immunity, nightly routines that promote a good night’s sleep as well as the importance of it, morning habits that are common among successful people, best places to travel, benefits of indoor and outdoor plants and best ways to take care of them, etc. this list will always continue to grow due to genuine passion for learning, showcasing, and providing insight on the best ways to navigate this life and continue reach long term and short term goals. Skindom becomes a safe space for those who are looking to keep self care simple. We do this through our products by curating the basic necessities for maintaining healthy skin and offering just that. We also do this through our treatments as we attract and retain clients who’s only desire is looking and feeling good, who don’t have much interest in the science behind skincare products or procedures. They make the decision to trust us in choosing what is right for them based on what their skin concerns and beauty goals are. While surface level and simplicity is always an option, we’re more than happy and always grateful for the opportunity to educate and provide additional insight to those who are more curious and become intrigued with the science behind skincare and which ingredients do what and the different types of procedures and what they address. We’re happy to post about, and answer questions from our audience who have interest in going further in depth. While catering to both beginners and enthusiasts, another huge demographic of our audience includes other beauty professionals, who use and offer Skindom products in their clinics, spas, beauty lounges, etc. Those who are intrigued by the beauty treatments we perform and want to learn and practice to gain the knowledge and confidence to offer the same or something similar. For or fellow beauty professionals we plan to eventually offer professional-exclusive Skindom products, supplies and tools. As well as expand to the highly in demand classes and trainings that go further in depth about all the hows and the whys. As brand growth continues, so will our audience. The brand voice and aesthetic inevitably attracts consumers with various different approaches to beauty and self care. This includes the minimalists, the enthusiasts, and the taste makers and fellow professionals. The mission is to forever remain a safe space, a resource and an inspiration to all.


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