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At Home Facial

Refer to the description for what’s included (not the image).


1. Anoint

2. Piña Colada

3. Skin and Tonic

4. Aloe Water

5. Dusk

6. Eye Cloud (16 ct)

7. Sky Cream

8. Awake n’ Bake

9. Baby Cheeks 

10. Still Water

11. Lip Service 

12. Skin Candy (16 ct)


Anoint oil cleanser

+ Piña Colada exfoliating scrub

(mix together for pre-cleanse paste)


Skin and Tonic Cleanser + Aloe Water Toner

(cleanse and tone)


Lip Service lip scrub + Lip Service Lip Balm 


Dusk charcoal mask (face & neck)

+ Eye Cloud (eye area)


Sky Cream Eye Treatment


Awake n’ Bake Hyaluronic Acid Primer


Baby Cheeks Moisturizer


Still Water SPF mist (if daytime)