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Morning Routine

What’s included?

Skin and Tonic cleanser

Aloe Water Toner

Salvatore brightening serum

Baby Cheeks Moisturizer

Still Water SPF mist and finishing spray

Morning Routine 

1. Cleanse with Skin and Tonic face wash. 

2. Mist Aloe Water to refresh, hydrate, and control oil.

3. Apply Awake n’ Bake hyaluronic acid priming serum for lasting hydration to skin still damp from Aloe Water Toner (not included)

4. Apply Salvatore brightening serum and dark spot corrector to correct dullness and hyperpigmentation/ discoloration and help with and brightening for brighter and more even skin.  

5. Moisturize with baby cheeks. 

6. Most importantly apply SPF. Reapply throughout the day as often as needed. 

Lazy Morning Routine

1. Cleanse 

2. Moisturizer 

3. SPF