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Nighttime Routine

What’s included?
Oil cleanser, cleanser, serum, moisturizerunder eye masks (1 month supply).

Step 1) Oil Cleanse 

Step 2) Cleanse Cleanse 

Step 3) Renew and Resurface with Vitamin A serum

Step 5) Moisturize 

Step 6)Treat skin underneath the eyes (20-30mins)

Double cleansing Is key. First use anoint oil cleanser to remove product build up and debris and to lock In moisture. Then follow up with a skin and tonic face wash to complete the cleanse.

After cleansing, apply roma serum to air dried or pat dried skin. This’ll resurface the top layer and renew the skin cells as you sleep. Do this on most nights of the week. 1-2x per week for beginners and anyone new to vitamin A. (Caution: refrain from applying to wet skin or applying during the daytime)

Most importantly use baby cheeks moisturizer, it has amazing barrier protection properties and will soothe and protect skin while asleep. It‘ll keep skin moisturized and hydrated for smoother texture and fewer blemishes in the morning. 

Lastly apply Eye Cloud underneath the eyes to relieve puffiness and fine lines and brighten dark circles. Leave on for about 20 mins. Pro tip: leave on while laying down reading/scrolling/preparing for bed and remove before falling asleep.