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Skincare Routine for Oily Skin

Step 1) Cleanse with Skin and Tonic face wash 

Step 2) Apply Aloe Water Toner 

Step 3) Apply Awake n’ Bake Hyaluronic Acid Primer (intense hydration and is water-based so won’t cause excess oiliness) 

Step 4) Apply Sky Cream underneath and around the eyes and gently massage. Then apply to the rest of the face and neck. 

Step 5) Apply and gently massage Baby Cheeks moisturizer in to face and neck. Never skip this step at night, it will work to preserve the skin barrier as you sleep. On most days, you may skip this step since the sky cream from the previous step will sufficiently hydrate and moisturize. If dryness occurs however, do not skip this step in the daytime. 

Step 6) Apply Still Water SPF mist. Never skip this step on any day. Reapply as needed throughout the day actually.