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5 Things You Should Be Doing Before Bed To Maintain Healthy Skin

5 Things You Should Be Doing Before Bed To Maintain Healthy Skin

1. Double Cleanse

Before bed, after a long day or a wild night, use an oil cleanser to gently dissolve excess oils & debris. Then follow up with a more astringent cleanser, typically a foaming or gel cleanser.

2. Hydrate

The oil cleansing will give skin a moisture boost… a serum or moisturizer containing Hyaluronic Acid is recommend to help retain that moisture and hydration during sleep. 

3. Apply Vitamin A/Retinol

Promotes cell regeneration. To start, try a vitamin a serum or retinol moisturizer 2x per week, then gradually increase.This will reduce the risk & effects of skin purging which is common in beginners & those with more sensitive skin.

4. Preserve Skin Barrier 

Barriers protect against pollution, UV rays, inflammation, toxins, etc. So it’s important that’s it’s functioning and healthy. Be sure to use a rich, but gentle moisturizer with quality ingredients to complete your nighttime skincare routine. 

 5. Get Good Rest On Clean Sheets

 It’s important to try and keep stress levels low for a lot of reasons, skin health included. Getting approximately 8 hours of sleep + clean sheets and clean pillow cases, clean hair/hair covering contributes to overall health, skincare and beyond.

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