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Your Skin vs Inflation

Your Skin vs Inflation

We are not currently in a recession, it just feels like it. We are rumored to enter a more dramatic economic collapse toward the end of 2023-2024. Cost of living is out of control and most people have their hands full with just surviving these days. Facials and other important self care practices naturally become the least of our worries as we navigate the stresses of life. Stress can lead to acne, wrinkles, and other forms of premature aging. Seeing negative changes in your skin and overall appearance often leads to added stress, resulting in even more rapid aging. Luckily, there‘s a variety of skincare products and beauty procedures that will do a decent job of reversing signs of aging. It is beneficial to note that prevention is better than correction. Meaning it’s cheaper and far more convenient to do what you can in the present to slow down the aging process and to maintain healthy, youthful skin than it is go back fix these issues later on.

Keeping your skin healthy on a budget

Many people who’ve stayed consistent with monthly or even weekly facials in the past have cut back to just a few times a year or none at all. Many products used during facials are medical grade and contain high percentages of powerful ingredients that are exclusively for professional use. This explains why facials are such an important practice when it comes to anti-aging efforts and correcting skin concerns. As far as at home skincare goes, products containing Vitamin A or retinol are your best bet if you are looking to see dramatic results and noticeable skin improvements. Because they have so benefits and are so high in demand, they are usually more expensive. Even though much cheaper than biweekly facials, this still doesn’t help that much if cost is a major factor in building your skincare routine. Skindom’s Vitamin A Serum for nighttime is budget friendly and an amazing addition to any nighttime routine. It is available exclusively on the Skindom app and a 20% off discount is applied automatically at checkout to any customer logged into their Skindom account at the time of purchase.

Benefits of Vitamin A (Retinol) 

Retinol is the single most powerful ingredient in skincare and it has amazing benefits. It works by increasing the thickness and elasticity of the skin, while renewing skin’s surface to treat scars, redness, and dark marks. It slows the production of excess melanin in order to treat hyperpigmentation and also reduces inflammation, to prevent clogged pores and treat acne.

Side Effects 

A common side effect of retinol is skin purging. This is a temporary response to a new product that has been introduced to the skin where it sometimes becomes dry, red, irritated, or experiences minor breakouts. There’s also increased sensitivity the sun and UV light. Prolonged exposure to the sun especially without protection can cause major damage and appear counter productive as it will make skin concerns worse while the aim is to improve them. Sounds scary but all it means is to make sure you’re using Retinol only night, never in the daytime; and to apply SPF every morning and throughout the day as needed.

Best Way to Use Retinol 

The best and safest way to use retinol is to apply it alongside gentle, hydrating ingredients to combat the potential dryness and irritation. This is also known as the “Retinol Sandwich”. In simpler terms you would use a product with soothing ingredients like aloe, hyaluronic acid, niacinamide, etc. before applying retinol, and then another one after. Creating a sandwich with the retinol in the middle. A simple nighttime routine will look something like this:
Anoint Oil Cleanser 
Skin and Tonic Cleanser
Awake n Bake Primer with Hyaluronic acid 
Roma Serum with Vitamin A for nighttime 
Baby Cheeks Moisturizer 


Retinol/Vitamin A is the most powerful and beneficial skincare ingredient when it comes to anti-aging and addressing skin concerns. In the event you have to forfeit professional facial treatments, retinol will be a great addition to your at-home regimen. The main things to remember when using retinol is that it should be applied only at night and since it increases sensitivity to the sun, make sure you’re wearing sunscreen daily. Applying it along with gentle skincare products in the same routine, will help to combat the sensitivity and irritation associated with using such a potent skincare ingredient. Though products containing Vitamin A are usually more costly, Roma Vitamin A Serum for Nighttime is priced at $20 with an extra 20% off automatically applied at checkout if logged into your Skindom account at time of purchase. 

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